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Spoiled Dog!

This is Joe Boxer - His owner thinks he is the cutest dog EVER! I would have to say he is runner-up to Gromit......But thats just my opinion.

Nap Time

Gromit and Baby taking a nap after a tough day of playing ball and chasing birds.


This is BABY! She is Gromits new friend. I am watching her for a while. She is the sweetest dog! And adorable!

Swim Time for Gromit!

Silly Boy!

Gromit having fun rolling on a dead crab!

Smart Dog

Smart Dog - The best bloopers are a click away

Man Testing Out Shock Collar

Anyone wanting to use one of these on their dog should have to wear one around for a week. Please find another way to keep your dog quiet. SO MEAN TO USE SHOCK COLLARS! But it makes a funny video when used on a human!


Dog With Two Legs

Dog with Two Legs - More free videos are here

Spit Bubble

Gromit getting a little over salivated watching us eat our breakfast.

Skeeter the Narcoleptic Poodle

Sooo sweeeepy !

2007 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

It's that time of year again. I know we have all been glued to the TV, waiting to see who will be this years BEST IN SHOW! Well here are the results!

The 2007 Best In Show Trophy was awarded to "Ch Felicity's Diamond Jim," a.k.a. "James," an English Springer Spaniel.

To See more results please CLICK HERE

Also, I know not all dog lovers are able to have a dog, but we can help those dogs that need homes and food and love. Pedigree helped to raise over 1 million dollars for the American Humane Association to help homeless dogs all over the USA. If you are interested in donating for a good cause CLICK HERE!


Happy New Year From Chip!


My Friend "Missde" Got her new pup! He is ADORABLE! Here's BUBBA!


It has been a while since Gromit has seen the snow. So he was excited to play in our first snowfall here in YEARS!

Walking the Dog

A little help for those 4 legged friends who have a hard time keeping up.


Each month features a beautiful image, but in every picture is a nice picturesque pile of dog poop. Professionally photographed, these pictures are almost breath taking, and yet totally disgusting at the same time. Packed with fun facts and stories about dog poop, this calendar is an ingenious gag gift for both the dog lover and the dog hater!


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Nothin' better then a tastey stick!


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So sweet.

I Wish I Were Outside

I Wish I Were Outside
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Let me out....

Let me out.....


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PupQs and a Squirrel!

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Is this not totally adorable!?!?!?!

Cartoon Gromit!

Worst police dog in the world

Potomac in Autumn

Potomac in Autumn
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No dog here....

But a great pic.

But I know a doggy that would love to go for a swim!


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So pretty...


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Such a serious yet happy looking fellow!

counter attack

counter attack
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Get Em!

Winston Carter Denison

Winston Carter Denison
September 1999 – November 1st 2006

A very dear friend of mine lost his best friend this week. I just wanted to let you know a few things about a great dog named Carter.

Robin adopted Winston Carter in 1999. He was a beautiful full bred Airedale, strong and stout. A fine pick of the litter. From the beginning Carter showed signs that he was a smart and loyal friend. Potty trained in one day and only chewing up one sandal, he was an ideal puppy.

He spent many of his years chasing balls and things that made noise. (I’m sure he loved squirrels) He loved his coat petted and brushed as to always be handsome and attractive for the bitches. He didn’t like big male dogs in his territory and stood his ground well. He liked popcorn and double cheeseburgers from Sonic. (Man, I really miss Sonic, there aren’t any around here.) He enjoyed watching his younger dog brother, Will be ignorant and cause trouble. And all though he was brought home by the chief of police due to a run-in with the law, he was well loved and adored by his entire family. Carter returned that love unconditionally.

“We for the most part called him Cart or Carter, he answered to both. He was a splendid member of this family...and will be greatly missed.”

I want Robin and his family to know that my heart goes out to them all. Losing a pet member of our family is never an easy thing to go through. Just remember that Carter is somewhere where the fields never end, the streams never run dry, and there is always a ball to be found.

I am very sorry for your loss.


Happy Halloween!

No, I did not put a silly costume on Gromit. But he did have fun with his very own pumpkin!

Exuberant Dog

Exuberant Dog
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Great catch!

Dog in the Stoa

Dog in the Stoa
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I love doggy naps!

On your mark

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Get set....



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Why do you keep taking my picture?